An Update

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**Just a quick update. **

As you can see, I sadly didn't get around to update the blog with new posts. That is, first and foremost because I recently moved to Berlin. It's an exciting city and there's so much to see. There's also stuff to be done for university which takes up some time.

Lastly I'm not going to continue to use XNA for future projects. XNA is a good toolset that can teach the very basics of game programming. But as far as I can tell, it's not really a tool set that is common in the industry. For now, I am only writing down some game ideas. Eventually I'll get a hold of C++ and actually finish some games that deserve a place on my portfolio. Until then, I'm playing around with the RIFT addon system. Their addons are based on Lua, which is a scripting language I don't want to miss out on.

Ah, yes: From now on, every post will be in English. I am not sure if I get around to buy an English domain name, so the .de will have to stay for now. As to the old German posts: Right now I don't have the time to properly translate them to English. However, Christmas is near and I will be visiting my parents in North Rhine-Westphalia, so I might find some time to translate them. :)


Philipp Hansch

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Philipp is a full stack developer currently heavily involved with Rust. Most notably he's a member of the Clippy team where he helps with bugfixing and documentation. You can follow him on Mastodon and find him on GitHub as well as Patreon.