Hackership Batch 0

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Although I sort of talked about this on twitter already, I am happy to announce that I got accepted to Hackership.

What is Hackership

Hackership is a self-directed, hands-on learning programme for Coders, Programmers and Software Developers to acquire new skills or become better at what they already do.

It's like an apprenticeship. But for hackers. A Hackership. http://www.hackership.org/

The program offers a distraction-free environment where you are responsible for what you learn. There is no curriculum and no instructors. Instead there is a huge focus on self-directed learning, deliberate practice and reflective learning. There will be daily stand-ups and weekly demos. Additionally there will be experienced hackers around to help people with difficult problems and to dig deeper into the technology. This first batch will be hosted by betahaus.

Hackerschool New York is a very similar program and has been running for three years already.

What and how I want to learn

Primarily I want to learn Ruby on Rails and proper Test Driven Development. I already have an idea on how to get started with this. I will spend the first two or three days working through this Ruby on Rails tutorial. After that, I will start to work on the actual project where I can apply all the things from the tutorial. Additionally I am going to use Anki cards for stuff that is hard to remember. I will also try to maintain a learning journal to regularly review my learning progress.

The actual project

Once I'm done with the tutorial, I will start working on a website that helps people learn touch-typing. About a month ago I started to learn touch-typing on the German Dvorak layout. I tried all kinds of tools and websites but only a few supported the layout I chose. None of these were very fleshed out. I had a really tough time getting to my current 25 WPM.


Although I would love to share some more specifics, the project details aren't really fleshed out yet.

Looking forward

My goal is to get a position as a junior Ruby developer at the end of Hackership. However, I really need to put myself out there. I never did that until the beginning of this month. So apart from Hackership I will try to be at every event possible to deal with my social anxiety. While overcoming my anxiety might sound difficult, I am really looking forward to the times ahead.


Philipp Hansch

Full Stack Developer

Philipp is a full stack developer currently heavily involved with Rust. Most notably he's a member of the Clippy team where he helps with bugfixing and documentation. You can follow him on Mastodon and find him on GitHub as well as Patreon.