Hackership Week 5

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I didn't have a lot of motivation to work on my project this week. However, I still got a lot of stuff done and learned a lot of new things.

Firstly, I started using vim this week. I got sick of having to use the mouse a lot with Sublime Text. My goal is to only use the keyboard when I'm working on code. I spent the weekend configuring it to my liking and created a cheatsheet with the basic movement shortcuts. It will take some time to learn all these new shortcuts, but I hope I will be faster with editing my code.

Another thing you might have noticed are the changes to the website. There's a new background color and the homepage has changed as well. It now shows the estimated reading time for each blog post. The website itself now also uses a slightly bigger font.

To start off the week, I started working on my CV/Resumè on Monday to prepare for the mock interviews the next day.

On Tuesday, I worked on the frontend part of my project. I managed to have the teaching text display only on one line and hide words that are outside of the box-width. I also tried to improve on my CoffeeScript code, but refactoring is really hard, when you don't understand the language properly.

The best thing of the day was the job search workshop by Soundcloud recruiter Jessica Hayden. Finding the right company to work for ain't an easy task. The workshop was followed by a mock interview session for which we had to sign up beforehand.

The next day, Wednesday, I added functionality to make it possible to directly jump to a specific lesson. This took some effort because it required changing the CoffeeScript code. As you can probably see by now, the CoffeeScript code causes a lot of pain for me. Even though I want to focus on Ruby on Rails I still have to work with Frontend stuff. So I will probably spend some time to properly figure out how Javascript and CoffeeScript work.

In the evening we had another presentation about finding a job. This time with a focus on the Startup environment.

On Thursday I decided to convert my CoffeeScript to JavaScript again. I started annotating it to make sure I understand what is going on. What's left so far is the concept of prototypes, which I don't understand yet. Converting to Javascript allowed me to solve a scope problem I had with the words-per-minute calculation. After getting a lot of feedback on my CV on Tuesday, I also managed to improve it a lot. I added a few new sections and added information about Hackership. In the evening a few of us went to a whiteboard talk at Soundcloud. It was an introduction to relational databases but also gave an overview over NoSQL databases.

This was probably my most eventful week during Hackership.

On Saturday I coached at the Railsgirls Berlin Hackday. It was my first time coaching and it turned out that teaching total beginners how to program is not easy. But it was very fun and in the end I got good feedback and my coachees learned a lot.


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