Happy new year!

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The last few days have been quite a torture for me. The 22nd started with some major stomach ache for me. The pain was so intense, that I couldn't sleep the following night. So I called my dad and he brought me home the next day. The next three days I was on pain killers. But as the pain didn't go away I decided to go to the local hospital. Well, to make a long story short, it turned out that I have kidney stones. Right now I am half-way through with all the surgery stuff. The kidney stones are still there but don't cause as much pain as they did before. At this point I have a flexible tube between my kidney and my bladder to relieve my kidney.

The next step is to shatter the kidney stones so that they are small enough to eventually leave my body on their own..

So, what can be done to prevent kidney stones from forming? Turns out, not much. I live a somewhat healthy life. I drink enough water. I'm not smoking. I don't drink alcohol as regular as others do (I could be more athletic, tho..). Even my doctor told me there is nothing I could have done but going to the hospital a few days earlier to get some of the REALLY GOOD painkillers.

Please don't take take any of the above as a medical advice. Always go to a doctor rather than looking things up on the internet.

With not much left to say, I wish everyone a happy new year and all the best for the future. Keep checking out my blog for new stuff in the next year!


Philipp Hansch

Full Stack Developer

Philipp is a full stack developer currently heavily involved with Rust. Most notably he's a member of the Clippy team where he helps with bugfixing and documentation. You can follow him on Mastodon and find him on GitHub as well as Patreon.