Monthly review: May

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I'm incredibly thankful to the following people for sponsoring my open source work this past month: @repi, @oli-obk and @yaahc.

If you like what I'm doing and want to support my work, please consider sponsoring me on Patreon or via other means 🧡

What I've worked on

One code contribution got merged this month:

I've reviewed and approved 22 pull requests.


Reviewing pull requests

Since Clippy is now using rust-highfive, incoming pull requests are automatically assigned to people on the reviewer list. Something about the random assignment makes a big difference to me. I feel so much more motivated to review pull requests. @flip1995 also did a lot of PR triage and we're down to ~20 open PRs from around 40 at the beginning of May.

This makes me think that I should prioritize reviewing pull request more. It brings in more contributors and team additions in the long run which means more people are going to be in the reviewer pool.

qwerty touch typing

I almost achieved my primary goal from last month: Reaching 60+ WPM touch typing on qwerty. Currently I'm hovering around 50 WPM. This graph shows my progress on starting with the 10th of May:


I'm still not where I want to be, especially when it comes to my vim muscle memory that I had to give up. While I'm typing with qwerty these days, I also want to be more mindful about potential finger pain and RSI because dvorak felt much more comfortable to me.


My primary goal for June is to reach 80+ WPM touch typing on qwerty. I feel as if I can't get into proper flow without being able to touch type properly.

Apart from that I want to try and prioritize my assigned Clippy pull request reviews over providing my own code contributions.


Philipp Hansch

Full Stack Developer

Philipp is a full stack developer currently heavily involved with Rust. Most notably he's a member of the Clippy team where he helps with bugfixing and documentation. You can follow him on Mastodon and find him on GitHub as well as Patreon.