Self Improvement Week 3

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This is the place where I talk about the progress on my quest on self-improvement. Follow me on this quest to a better self where you might learn something as well. Here's what I did last week in terms of self improvement, focusing on important stuff and getting rid of bad habits.

I finished Week 3 of c25k! I'm really getting into it and I started looking for my first official 5k run as well. On Monday I finished a Geocaching presentation for English class. As English is not my native language I spent almost the whole day practicing my speaking. Thursday was the day where I held my Geocaching presentation. I was quite nervous but according to my teacher there were next to no flaws! On Friday, on the quest to leave my comfort zone more often, I went to uni to study Mobile Applications with a fellow student. Saturday evening my uni took part in Berlin Science Open Door. I paid a short visit to see what people were presenting. Did I mention that my tent arrived on Sunday? Yes, finally! However, all the other equipment is still missing. :(

As for other stuff, I ...

... simplified things

Previously, I had my documents all over the place and emails/contacts/calendar only accessible at one computer. This week I fixed that. I simplified stuff by using Google Mail/Calendar instead of Outlook. I'm also using Google Drive to save my documents now. This somewhat saves me from doing regular backups of my documents. For note taking I'm using Evernote. Evernote also lets you sync over different devices. I use Evernote to write up my long term goals, class notes and ideas in general. For short term tasks I'm using Wunderlist, which lets you sync over different devices as well! This way I have all my stuff wherever I need it.

... got rid of internet distractions

When I'm programming I don't want to be distracted. Once I do something else, I would lose at least 5 minutes by getting into the code again. So I tried to get rid of as many distractions as possible. First, I disabled Google Mail notifications. I only check my mail three times every day now. Second, I got rid of MetroTwit's Twitter notifications. This was a HUGE change and an easy one. I don't feel like I want to enable them ever again. Apart from that, I disabled Skype and Steam notifications as well as several software update notifications. The next thing was my biggest distraction. The browser bookmark sidebar. I can only encourage you to either get rid of the sidebar or remove all the distracting bookmarks. This greatly increased my productivity. I also learned that when I have lots of tabs open, my productivity goes down. So, for now I'm trying to take a look at my tab count every 5 minutes to cut down on tabs I no longer need. By doing this I'm making sure that I'm staying on one task only.


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