Stuff of 2012

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This is the stuff that happened 2012. Stuff that I discovered, learned and practiced. In a somewhat chronological order.


RIFT Macro stuff

So, RIFT launched early in 2011. It's an MMORPG. I was hyped for it. I played for a couple months in 2011. I don't remember exactly why, but I came back to RIFT in early 2012. Something that really bothered me that time, was that English macros didn't work in the German client. So, I wrote a macro translator for RIFT. (In February I wrote about the macro system in RIFT and what's wrong with it.)

After I stopped playing RIFT, I was quick to find another MMORPG to fill the time: Guild Wars 2. I was hyped for it. I played it for two months in 2012. During February and July I put a lot of time into A blog dedicated to Guild Wars 2. You can find all the posts scattered in the archive. To add on to that, I also wrote a New Krytan translator that translates text to New Krytan.

Moved blog to GitHub and learning git

In July, I moved my blog to GitHub. I now also use git for my university assignments. Since my university provides free private git repositories, I don't keep my assignments on GitHub.

New languages

C, Java, Python and Lua.

Favorite books

Pirate Cinema, by Cory Doctorow
The Flinch, by Julien Smith



I was still being treated for kidney stones earlier this year. As a result of this, I decided to start running. And I must stay that I really love running! Also, running made me aware of what I eat. It made me reconsider my daily consumption of unhealthy food.


Minimalism is a process, so there's no point in time where I really turned into a minimalist. But after I stopped playing Guild Wars 2, I really started to de-clutter my life. I got rid of a ton of clothes, digitized old photos and documents and cut down on media consumption.

I also minimized my digital life. I got rid of old Email accounts and moved to Gmail. I got rid of my Wordpress blogs and now use GitHub Pages to do my blogging. For note-taking I use simple markdown files. All my stuff is synced and available everywhere.

Doing all this stuff makes focusing on the important things a lot easier. Cleaning my room is as easy as it never was before. There are no distracting social networks that take up my time. It saves money. It makes moving easier. There is less stuff to worry about.

Less is more.

Plans from 2011

I want to get into C++ heavily. Meaning that I am able to start DirectX game programming at a small scale.


At the end of the year I want to have at least one finished DirectX 2D project.

failed because I didn't learn any C++ or DirectX.

I want to publish an add on for the game RIFT that I am going to support until the 31st December

Wrote a RIFT macro translator and supported it until May. Didn't play the game anymore at that point.

I want to have at least 52 blog posts at the end of the year.

Looking at the archive, I never wrote as much blog posts in a year before, but I didn't reach 52.

See you next year.


Philipp Hansch

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Philipp is a full stack developer currently heavily involved with Rust. Most notably he's a member of the Clippy team where he helps with bugfixing and documentation. You can follow him on Mastodon and find him on GitHub as well as Patreon.