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Time flies. It's been almost over two weeks now since the first round of the beta application ended. Still, a lot has happened in the previous days. Here's the usual round-up, updated once every day at around 8am GMT!

Friday, March 09

GuildCast: Trinity Killer Site offline • The people from GuildCast take on the subject of the missing holy trinity in Guild Wars 2 and how it actually works in the game.

TotalBiscuit: GW2 Beta - Underwater Overview • TotalBiscuit's latest video shows new underwater content we haven't seen before. Be sure to check it out.

GuildMag: Jormag – Frigid Shadow of the NorthThalador from GuildMag has another post on Guild Wars 2 lore. This time he's talking about the elder dragon that resides in the northern reaches of the Shiverpeak Mountains - Jormag.

Thursday, March 08

GWI: Sea of Sorrows Release Date Update • Sea of Sorrorws, the third Guild Wars Novel, which was previously announced for August 28th has been pushed back according to GWI. The Thief Preview (dead link) • David North continues with his series on the Guild Wars 2 professions. This time he played the thief profession and gives his thoughts on playstyle and animations.

Postmagazine: Audio for games • Jennifer Walder from the post magazine has an intereting article about audio in games. The first part is about Guild Wars 2, so be sure to check it out!

Wednesday, March 07

Yogscast: Norn Levelling Part 3 - A Long Skill Point • Simon and Lewis in their third and last part of their leveling footage. They continue to explore the wintery norn scenery and engage in a huge battle for a skill point.

TalkTyria: You Said There Was No Holy Trinity! • Damagedself from TalkTyria tried to explain the lack of the holy trinity to his friends. Check the article if you want to know what he learned. It's a great read!

Tuesday, March 06

ZAM: An Interview With Guild Wars 2's Jon Peters • sat down with Guild Wars 2's Jon Peters to talk about competitive PvP, combat, and GW2's eSports aspirations

Boons & Conditions Podcast #1: Mono Intro Site offline • The premiere episode of the BnC podcast. Their introductory podcast is all about the recent press beta event and the new information on attributes and traits. The Warrior Preview (dead link) • Garrett Fuller from published a nice overview on the Warrior profession and gives some advice on properly using the unique Warrior mechanics.

[Flameseeker Chronicles: How do trinities work?(#) (Dead link, because shut down) • Elisabeth explains how trinities work in this week's Flameseeker Chronicles

Talk Tyria: What Will Guild Wars 2 Do to Me? • In his first post on TalkTyria, Skyriar talks about how Guild Wars 2 could affect the way he sees other games. Guild Wars 2 Column: Exploring the Ascalon Catacombs Dungeon (dead link) • David North from talks about his first dungeon encounter in the press beta.

Monday, March 05 The Necromancer Preview (dead link) • David North from takes a look at his favourite profession from Guild Wars 1: The Necromancer.

Yogscast: Norn Levelling Series Part 2 • Lewis and Simon continue their adventure into the frosty Norn wastelands.

Tales of Tyria Podcast #21: Build Wars 2 • In this weeks ToT podcast Bridger and friends are talking about WvW, game economics, attributes and traits.

GuildMag: Heroes Are Made, Not Born@jcotney talks about the additional attributes, the trait system and gives an example on a possible Mesmer build.

Tyria Talk: SWTOR vs. GW2 • In his newest episode of Tyria Talk, Richie is talking about the differences between levelling in SW:TOR and GuildWars2.

TapRepeatedly: Necromancer PvP • Lewis B from TapRepeatedly shows off his Necromancer PVP skills in this 40 minute video on Youtube.

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