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Week 11 is here! Pre-Purchase information, official forums and more. Here’s the usual round-up, updated once every day at around 8am GMT, now with twitter citations!

Thursday, March 15

ArenaNet: Blogpost: Building Community (note: link broken) • The most recent blog post from ArenaNet reveals that official forums are on the way. Martin Kerstein goes on by highlighting the challenges of modern community management. Live Interview with Jon Peters on Traits and Professions Site offline • Bill Murphy from collected user questions for this interview. If you are into building your character, this interview answers some interesting questions.

Yogscast: Crafting [Extra Footage] • Another video from Yogscast. This time they provide a quick overview of the crafting system.

Tasha Darke: International Pricing Inequalities (website went dead) • A post on the pricing of the collectors edition. Tasha Darke did the math and explains why the game costs more in Europe than in the US.

Tyria Talk: Pre-Order Editions • This time Richie gives a quick overview over the different Pre-Purchase editions that are available.

KillTenRats: Demand More • Why everyone should help building community. It's a great read, go check it out.

Wednesday, March 14

GuildMag: Blog Carnival 3: Character Diversity • GuildMag's new Blog Carnival is out. If you are interested in writing articles about Guild Wars 2, you should definitely check it out.

Kill Ten Rats: Momentary Deluxe • A word on the pricing and content of both, the Collector's edition and the Digital Deluxe edition.

Yogscast: Charr Questing [Extra Footage] • Somehow Yogscast managed to release yet another video of their press beta footage. Showcasing the 5 to 15 area again.

Guild Wars Insider Podcast EP11: The Return • After a short break, the Guild Wars Insider Podcast with Seven, Gallo and FeralEngineer is back! Discussing guilds, attributes, jumping puzzles, meta events and more.

GWOnline: Traits: An Analysis Site offline
• Alaris from GWOnline gives a quick overview over traits. This certainly comes in handy for players who are new to Guild Wars 2 or those who just started to lay out their builds.

ArenaNet: ArenaNet won't be on PAX East this year. Only Martin Kerstein and Jon Peters will be there.

As some of you have asked: We will not be at PAX East, we are busy working on the game. But Jon Peters and me will be on panels. ^MK

-- Guild Wars 2 (@GuildWars2) March 14, 2012

ArenaNet: The beta events that are part of the Pre-Purchase will have no NDA.

The Beta Events mentioned as part of pre-purchase are not bound by an NDA, but the upcoming CBT weekend is! ^AT

-- Guild Wars 2 (@GuildWars2) March 14, 2012

Tuesday, March 13

ArenaNet: Pre purchase Guild Wars 2 • The Pre-Purchase website for Guild Wars 2 has arrived. Pre-Purchases will start on April 10.

ArenaNet: Regina Buenaobra: Preliminary Pre-Purchase FAQ on GW2Guru (forum does not exist anymore). • A preliminary Pre-Purchase FAQ posted by Regina Buenaobra on GW2Guru.

Guild Wars Insider: Guild Wars 2 As A Spectator Esport • Balancing aside, MouseBurglar from GWI posted his thoughts on how Guild Wars 2 might perform as a spectator Esport.

Guild Wars Insider: International Spotlight: • GWI is showcasing the biggest German Guild Wars 2 fansite These are the people behind the Wartower spotlight and especially this video. Video tour of three major cities • PC Gamer posted an additional three videos showing the three major cities that were available in the press demo.

Videogamer: The state of Guild Wars 2 so far • Videogamer sat down with Eric Flannum to talk about the progress on the beta and how the game might affect the game industry.

Forbes: NCsoft Aims To Break The Static Online Game Mold With ArenaNet's Guild Wars 2 • John Gaudiosi from Forbes gives a quick overview of Guild Wars 2, the Free To Play MMO market and marketing.

Monday, March 12 Everything to Everyone • (Link Dead) Everything to Everyone is the topic on David North's newest article on Jump in on the discussion about whether pleasing everyone is good, bad or even possible.

Tales of Tyria Podcast #22: Traits vs. Talents • As usual Tales of Tyria gives a quick recap of last week's news and then goes on to talk about game mechanics and gameplay. This week's roundtable topic is Build Wars 2 continued.

GuildMag: Viva la Difference! • Draxynnic from GuildMag posted his thoughts on different player types. Are you a killer, socializer, explorer or achiever?

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