This Week In Guild Wars 2 - W9

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NOTE: All links are dead

This week was packed with new videos from the recent press beta as well as new information about the beta invites. Without any further ado, here's what happened the past week.

Monday started out pretty quiet. However, later in the day NCsoft announced that the next closed beta will take place in late march. Yogscast also released the Guardian Spotlight on YouTube. Ah, yes Garret Fuller from talks about his impressions on the Ranger class (dead link).

On Tuesday Yogscast released another part of their class spotlight: The Elementalist. Oh, and Jon Peters is going into detail on Traits and Attributes on the ArenaNet Blog (link dead)! Furthermore, the guys from have been pretty active this day. William Murphy from takes a look at the Engineer class (dead line) and David North talks about his overall Beta impressions (dead link). Wrapping up Tuesday, Elisabeth Cardy from Massively talks about PVE in her weekly Flameseker Chronicles.

Wednesday German fansite released a new TowerTalk with Jeff Grubb talking about the Asura. The introduction is German but the interview itself is held in English. David North from also gave a preview of the Guardian (dead link) class.

Thursday TotalBiscuit published two new videos. One details the jumping puzzle we've seen in a previous video and the other one shows a little bit of Warrior game-play. Yogscast also released the last part of their class spotlights, the Warrior Spotlight. A good day for you Warriors out there! There's also an article on the Elementalist (dead link) over at

On Friday Yogscast released the first part of their dungeon play-through. GuildCast also published their new episode: Peer Pressure where they are talking about WvW coordination, possible changes to the particle effects and the marketplace.

The weekend was far from quiet. GW2Gurus own Lewis B. goes into detail on the Traits system (forum does not exist anymore) that ArenaNet talked about on their blog on Tuesday. Yogscast released the second part of their dungeon play-through and the first part of their Norn levelling series. Over at borderhouseblog, Quinnae Moongazer has published the first part of an interview (note: link broken) with Angel Leigh McCoy, one of the writers at ArenaNet working on Guild Wars 2.

This weekly got a little short. There are probably a dozen interviews and a couple more videos I missed during my time in hospital. But I'm fine now and next weeks weekly will be even bigger!


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