Updated Rift macro translator for Rift 1.7

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The Rift macro translator has been updated for Rift 1.7.

Rift 1.7 comes with quite a few new abilities as well as new items. All these are included in the new update for the translator. Head past the break to read the full patchnotes.

Patch Notes Macro Translator for Rift 1.7

  • Items, skills and abilities are now on par with changes made in Rift 1.7
  • Added macro modifier: [notactive] and respective translations
  • Removed the German translation of suppressmacrofailures as the translation wasn't working properly
  • Abilities of the Elementalist and Void Knight are now properly translated


Philipp Hansch

Full Stack Developer

Philipp is a full stack developer currently heavily involved with Rust. Most notably he's a member of the Clippy team where he helps with bugfixing and documentation. You can follow him on Mastodon and find him on GitHub as well as Patreon.